About IF
Our Vision:
A society where poor, deprived, and underprivileged children have opportunities to improve their status and lead a life full of hope and dignity.
Mission Statement:
To eliminate poverty in India through the education of underprivileged children and to elevate the  standard of living of poor women through empowerment.
About Us:
India Foundation (IF) for Children Education and Care, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating poverty through education in India. IF was founded in 2006 in the USA, by an enthusiastic group of Indian-Americans, who passionately believe in the goal of bringing social and economical transformation in India through education. Our focus is on educating poor children with emphasis on elementary education to eliminate poverty.
Education Strategy:
Education is one of the most important drivers of India's social and economic development. Higher levels of literacy lead to greater economic output, higher employment levels, better health, better social structures and higher standards of living. Specifically, the impact of educating girls and women has been shown to result in rapid improvements in family planning, nutrition, health, and income.
IF Serves as catalyst to eradicate illiteracy:
We accomplish this by forming meaningful partnerships with local voluntary organizations that work towards the goal of total literacy in India. We provide financial support to such organizations working in rural areas and remote tribal communities where it is needed the most.
India Foundation is dedicated to:
Education of poor children and women to provide better economic opportunities. IF has adopted 3 villages to support children's education programs towards achieving our goal of 100% literacy in Rajasthan, India. These 3 villages have over 200 children in each school. To empower women, IF has opened 13 sewing centers and hired a vocational training teachers to teach tailoring to the women in the rural villages. We are working to create jobs for women in these villages.
"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." - Pericles